Product of the Week: Astrid Leather Minimalist Wallet | Paolo

I’ve been in search of a quality leather wallet before and all of them are good, but for me, I think I found the best leather wallet with great quality at an affordable price! I’m sure all of us are looking for something that’s worth our money right? Well this leather wallet is worth more.

This minimalist wallet is from Astrid Leather. It has 2 card pockets plus 2 slots where you can put your cash. It’s really simple yet with great quality leather! You’ll see what I mean when you get your own.


You can actually choose from the leather colors that they have and you can actually choose the color of the thread! What I got was a blue leather wallet with white thread so it looked classy for me. You can also have your name engraved to personalize it!

Astrid Leather.jpg

You can choose from the leather colors here:




You can find more color choices in their website.

Astrid Leather also has a lot of products like passport holders, leather tray, Iphone sleeve, Card holders and tin envelope clutches.

Here’s more photos to indulge you with their products:

Gadget Clutch


Key Holder


IPhone Sleeve


Passport Holder


Cord Clips


Leather Tray


Card Holder


Money Clip


For the price, I suggest you go and visit their website at http://www.astridleather.com and for more questions just go to their FAQs

All of these images are from their website and they still have a lot of things that can offer you so go to http://www.astridleather.com now and get your own Astrid leather products!!


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How to make an effective to-do list

Every day, we always have something to do, whether it be going to the supermarket to buy groceries, finishing your project at work, a meeting that you have, a personal project that you’re working on, or something that you want add in your lifestyle like going to the gym or learning how to draw.

But the problem is, we begin to procrastinate. Procrastination is the enemy of our successful self but sometimes, it gets the better of us. So here’s a sure fire way to make an effective to-do list that executives use to achieve maximum productivity!

It’s called The Ivy Lee Method

It was made by Ivy Lee, a successful businessman and a pioneer in human relations. He helped Charles M. Schwab, the richest man in the world, with the efficiency of his executives. So here’s what he did:

  1. At the end of each workday, write down the six most important things you need to accomplish tomorrow. Do not write down more than six tasks.
  2. Prioritize those six items in order of their true importance.
  3. When you arrive tomorrow, concentrate only on the first task. Work until the first task is finished before moving on to the second task.
  4. Approach the rest of your list in the same fashion. At the end of the day, move any unfinished items to a new list of six tasks for the following day.
  5. Repeat this process every working day.

Here’s how it actually works:

It’s simple enough to actually work. The primary critique of methods like this one is that they are too basic. They don’t account for all of the complexities and nuances of life. What happens if an emergency pops up? What about using the latest technology to our fullest advantage? In my experience, complexity is often a weakness because it makes it harder to get back on track. Yes, emergencies and unexpected distractions will arise. Ignore them as much as possible, deal with them when you must, and get back to your prioritized to-do list as soon as possible. Use simple rules to guide complex behavior.

It forces you to make tough decisions. I don’t believe there is anything magical about Lee’s number of six important tasks per day. It could just as easily be five tasks per day. However, I do think there is something magical about imposing limits upon yourself. I find that the single best thing to do when you have too many ideas (or when you’re overwhelmed by everything you need to get done) is to prune your ideas and trim away everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Constraints can make you better. Lee’s method is similar to Warren Buffett’s 25-5 Rule, which requires you to focus on just 5 critical tasks and ignore everything else. Basically, if you commit to nothing, you’ll be distracted by everything.

It removes the friction of starting. The biggest hurdle to finishing most tasks is starting them. (Getting off the couch can be tough, but once you actually start running it is much easier to finish your workout.) Lee’s method forces you to decide on your first task the night before you go to work. This strategy has been incredibly useful for me: as a writer, I can waste three or four hours debating what I should write about on a given day. If I decide the night before, however, I can wake up and start writing immediately. It’s simple, but it works. In the beginning, getting started is just as important as succeeding at all.

It requires you to single-task. Modern society loves multi-tasking. The myth of multi-tasking is that being busy is synonymous with being better. The exact opposite is true. Having fewer priorities leads to better work. Study world-class experts in nearly any field—athletes, artists, scientists, teachers, CEOs—and you’ll discover one characteristic runs through all of them: focus. The reason is simple. You can’t be great at one task if you’re constantly dividing your time ten different ways. Mastery requires focus and consistency.

The bottom line? Do the most important thing first each day. It’s the only productivity trick you need.

How I became a life coach

As you all know me, I’m an entrepreneur, but some of you don’t know that I’m a life coach too. 😀 I am a Psychology Major from Baliuag University Philippines and I have been a coach since I was a 2nd-year college. Life coaching was something that I did when unconsciously when I was in high school because all of my friends come to me when they want a guide or advice towards their life; love life, habits, and even changing careers! It was my nature to help people that were lost, afraid and confused. I just realized everything when I was in my senior year.

That’s when I decided that I wanted to be a psychology major, which helps me in my knowledge when it comes to the philosophical and psychological explanations of things that are happening.

In my 2nd year of college, after years of helping people, I heard of the term “life coaching”. I became curious about what that was and to my surprise, that’s what I was doing since my high school days! So I went and search for the best courses that I could find, and I found one! All of the contents was easy for me to swallow because life coaching stems from philosophy and psychology, plus, the experience that I had with life coaching.

After my certification was done, I went and looked for clients, and I did! It was my friends, and most of them were my high school friends! I also had clients from all walks of life, engineers, doctors, architects, carpenters, etc. Because of my passion, now I turned it into something that I can earn just by helping other people! If you’re worried about my salary, I’m earning $2000 per month just by being a life coach! I don’t really mind the money because I just want to help people.

Until now I’m still a life coach and I still want to help people. If you’re interested in the life coaching certification program that I took click here!

And if you want me to be your personal life coach, I’ll definitely give you a discount as a thank you for reading my story. 🙂

How To Lose Weight: The Right Way

There are a lot of fitness advice about losing weight, diet formulas and extreme lists of workouts whether it be at home or at the gym. All of them looks great, sounds great because they can really make you sweat, which in turn, make you believe that you are losing fat. Until you can’t do all of it anymore because you’re too tired, you got overwhelmed or you’re just lazy.

I’m gonna tell you 4 things that you need to remember regarding fat loss and forget everything that you know right now.

These are 4 laws of healthy fat loss:

  1. Eat less energy than you burn to burn fat

This is really simple, as the law implies, eat less than you burn = fat loss
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 7.05.12 PM.png

As the graph implies, the lighter part is when your energy is high because you are eating and the darker part is when you don’t eat/absorb energy. You can also see that you lose weight when you sleep. It’s pretty simple, if you keep this rule in mind, you’ll definitely lose weight.

  1. Use macronutrients properly to optimize body composition

If you don’t know what macronutrients are, to put it simply, macronutrients are Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. In Flexible dieting, these three components are the key to dieting while having fun 🙂 I’ll make a blog post about it tomorrow so follow me here to be updated with the blog post 😀 How do you utilize macronutrients for a healthy fat loss? Here’s a simple formula.

1.2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day
1 gram of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight per day
0.2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day

For a 200-pound male, it would look like this:

• 240 grams of protein per day,
• 200 grams of carbs per day, and
• 40 grams of fat per day,

it would be about 2,120 calories per day, which is a good starting point for a 200-pound guy looking to lose weight.

  1. Eat on a schedule that works best on you

Yep, you read it right, eat on a schedule that works for you. I won’t force you to eath multiple times per day or eat one time per day, it all comes down to what is convenient for you as long as you hit your macronutrients as said on the 2nd law of healthy fat loss. Personally, When I was lean bulking, I was doing intermittent fasting for a year and I gained muscle with minimum fat gain. For more info about intermittent fasting, I’ll make a blog post about it in the future. Dieting should be fun and convenient because if dieting makes you feel bad or is giving you a hard time, then you won’t do it again right? That’s what we want to avoid in this law, to make dieting fun and convenient. 🙂

  1. Use exercise to preserve muscle and to accelerate fat loss.

Whether it be at home or at the gym, make use of exercise to preserve muscle and to accelerate fat loss. You can lose weight without working out, but for the guys out there that wants to put on some muscle, you need to workout for you to gain and maintain your muscle. If you want to have a toned body, that sexy physique that you want, you need to put on some muscle. For women, don’t be afraid to put on some muscle because you won’t gain muscle as much as men because. I’ll explain it further in another blog post 🙂

So that’s it everyone! I hope this post helped you in your fitness journey, and I want to know what are the things that you’re doing right now to loss/gain weight 🙂

Why I made Pomade Base Philippines

As an Entrepreneur, I wanted to help my country; my brothers in the Philippines. I have this urge to make my country prosper, to bring more investors so that the economy of the Philippines may flourish. That was my main goal.

In my spare time, I was searching for products that will help me in my hairstyle and I ended up in a pomade group! This pomade group “Pomade Talk Philippines” made me feel that we were a family. It’s not that group where people constantly advertise their products, they really help each other out; the pomade owners helping amateur brewers and helping them improve their brew. Then I realized, I want to help my unc’s (that’s what we call each other, it’s short-term for uncle) with their passion and help their babies (products) be discovered more by our fellow Filipinos. All I do on this page is showcase pomade brands that are made by Filipinos and encourage my followers to check out the products our uncs have made.

Help me in spreading awareness for my uncs’ so that more Filipinos can find awesome pomades that are proudly made by our brothers in the Philippines! Help us support local brewers and help the pomade industry in the Philippines prosper!

Follow us on Instagram: @pomadebaseph
Like our facebook page: @pomadebaseph

Thank you for the support! More power to you! POMADE BASE PH (2)

Hi Everyone! I’m back!

I know I know, it’s been a long time since I wrote here in my blog, but, let me tell you what happened when I was gone!!!!!!

Okay so here’s the thing, I made a youtube channel and it was made because I wanted Filipinos to find products that are made in the Philippines that they can buy; Things that are proudly made here. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach out to people and some of them don’t watch the videos because my sub count is too low, that’s what I was doing these past few months. Youtube is one of my “business ventures” because youtube can be your business venture too!

If you read my article “Ways to make money online with zero capital“, “Youtube video tutorials” are on the list. Although my channel is not a tutorial channel, youtube videos can still help you earn money without any capital.

Things are hard and you won’t see any results when you start, but as you go through everything, when you do all the effort and the hardwork, you’ll eventually see and harvest all that you’ve planted in the beginning! 😀

Speaking of harvest, as you all know, this blog is up for a few months and it took me that long to have an opportunity where all my hardwork will pay off. For now, it’s a secret, but I’ll let you know so watch an eye out for this reveal because I’m sure this will help you and inspire you to continue and push through in what you’re doing. 😀

That’s all for today everyone! Keep grinding!

For all bloggers out there! I found the best site for bloggers where you can earn every post buy people upvoting or liking your post!

Two days ago, I found steemit where it runs on cryptocurrency, meaning it is a decentralized website where people get incentives from creating posts and that people that like your post can earn too. If you want to learn more about Steemit, here’s their link: https://steemit.com/faq.html#What_is_Steemit_com

Valet.Social Review. The best way to gain twitter followers.

Valet is a social media marketing tool that helps you to automatize your twitter marketing efforts. Twitter has been around for over 10  years now, and it has over 300 million active users. Which means a lot of potential costumers.

Social media advertising nowadays

When we are talking about social media advertising probably Facebook and maybe instagram are the most common platforms. But the thing is, even though Facebook has a very good, targetable audience, now every marketer using it to drive traffic. Which made Facebook advertising very expensive after 2017. Instagram is basically the same.

What about Twitter?

Not many people are using twitter ads though. Twitter ads came a long way in terms of targeting the right audience but still not nearly as good as Facebook or LinkedIn. and twitter adverts tend to be more expensive.

However, there is a way you get to use high-quality traffic for free on twitter. But it’s hard work. You probably already guessed it. Liking, commenting and posting content people engage with. But most importantly: following other people. For example, if you are an artist tying to reach the world and get followers you can do the following. Search hashtags in your niche like #photoshopartist or #watercolorart, whatever, you get the point. And then you like, comment and repost others work, get your name out there. And the most important part: you find other accounts that are similar to yours and already have  a good following, and start follow their followers. One by one manually. Yes, it’s hard work but over time it is possible to build up a large following. But there is a tool that can do this following method for you if you wont to spend your time building your business rather than following hundreds of random twitter accounts.

What is Valet.Social?

And that tool is called Valet.Social. Valet.Social is a brilliant twitter marketing tool making the process much easier. You can simply add your twitter and a few accounts that are similar to yours. Then the program finds the best accounts for you to follow. Which are the best accounts is based on many things like engagement, follow back ratio, the number of following and so on. Basically, it suggests you accounts that are most likely to follow you back. When twitter launched in 1006 it was kind of a n etiquette to follow back everyone that follows you. Not anymore. You are lucky if you have a 10% follow back rate.

With the use of Valet.Socials personalized recommendation, you can get a much higher follow back ratio than that. They email you a list of curated accounts every day that you should be following so you don’t have to search them manually. And you don’t have to follow thousands of accounts a day to get x amount of followers because of Valet.Social sending you the best accounts to follow via email. So it’s the same results but you did int in a few minutes instead of a few hours.

Valet.Social’s twitter marketing tool costs $10 a month but there is also a free plan switch I highly recommend to try out. Click here to learn more about this amazing tool!

The German Shepherd Handbook Review

German Shepherd Handbook is the latest book for dog owners who want to learn how to turn their dog into a happy, healthy, beautiful and well-behaved German shepherd. This book consists of simple and easy tips to choose and train a German shepherd puppy, and tips to build a strong bond with it. In addition, the book is penned by Michael Tapscott, a German shepherd expert who has over 20 years of experience in the dog training industry. Since Michael Tapscott released the German Shepherd Handbook, many people have used it to find the best way to understand and take care of their German shepherd.

Yahya Faraidi from the site Vinamy.com performed a full German Shepherd Handbook review that points out whether it is a good product. The review on the site Vinamy.com indicates that this book covers step-by-step techniques to brush and comb a German shepherd. The book also instructs people how to bathe their German shepherd dog, and how to take care of its teeth. In addition, in this book, people will discover tips on how to groom their German shepherd, and how to care for its nails and ears. Furthermore, people will also get to know tips to prevent their German shepherd from health problems such as vomiting and getting gastric torsion.

Upon ordering the German Shepherd Handbook, Michael Tapscott will provide some special gifts such as:

  •     The German Shepherd Handbook – The Complete Guide For The Care And Training Of German Shepherds
  •     The A-Z Of Dog Names book
  •     German Shepherd Grooming Tips book
  •     Dog Bite Prevention book
  •     Part Friend, Part Family – Taking Care of Your Dog Safely and Naturally book
  •     The Dog Owners Guide – Owning And Training Your Dog
  •     Pamper Your Dog – 130 Recipes For Your Canine Friend book
  •     How To Get A Happy & Healthy German Shepherd On The Block book
  •     Full 60 day money-back guarantee

Yahya Faraidi from the site Vinamy.com says, “German Shepherd Handbook is a new book for dog lovers who want to learn how to prevent dog bites, and how to keep their German shepherd clean and healthy. This book also includes easy tips and advice on how to get the happiest and most well-behaved German Shepherd on the block. In addition, people will have 60 days to decide if they want to keep the German Shepherd Handbook or get their money back.”

Click here to know more about The German Shepherd Handbook. 

What happens when you don’t care

As an entrepreneur, I learned a lot of things when started to ignore what everyone says. But it wasn’t an easy task because ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to be famous among my friends and I wanted to be the star or life of the party. But then I saw that giving so much attention to what my friends or the people around me says, I always got stuck with my idea. I always end up not doing that thing that I wanted to do.

So, what happens when you don’t care?

  1. You get to do what you really want.
    The reason why you’re restricted is because you care so much about the people around you that they dictate everything. Which in turn makes you stagnant in your growth and let them control your life.
  2. You open up yourself to opportunities that they can’t have.
    Why? Because all they do is make fun of you, make other people’s lives miserable by giving criticism that doesn’t really help you. You tend to be afraid of taking an opportunity because you’re afraid of what other people will say. That’s why you miss the opportunity even though you can take it as it passed by you.
  3. You begin to be creative
    Why? Because you let the inner creative in you to rule you and bring out things that no one has ever seen. Remember that everyone is special and that each and everyone has their own unique self.
  4. You move forward
    You move forward because you are not afraid anymore to do what you’re supposed to do because you ignore every non-essential thing that other people are telling you.

Here are the things that I learned when I started to ignore people that are not helping me in my success. What are your experiences when it comes to this subject? I love to know in the comments below.

Why I love reading as an entrepreneur

The thing about being an entrepreneur is you never stop learning. Reading books always has that reward for me because I learn new things, discover new things from people that are successful like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. Reading also helps me with my vocabulary and my writing because I tend to adapt what I read; writing style, tone, and the flow.

Some people don’t fancy reading books because they’re not used to it, but if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to devote yourself in reading books so that you can keep up with your competitors that are working 24 hours trying to beat you.

Listening to audiobooks helps me to learn too, because when I’m traveling or walking, I can still absorb information because I can hear what I read. So If you’re not an avid fan reader, you should definitely try using audible, they have a lot of resources when it comes to audiobooks. And if you haven’t tried but have heard of audiobook, you should definitely listen to  one.

Moments ago, I just finished one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and I really learned a lot from him when it comes to investing and having the financial knowledge to create a perfect cash flow. But in that book, it never tells you that you can get rich because being rich is a long and arduous process. Millenials nowadays are really impatient. Even though they’re only 8 months, according to simon sinek, millenials complain that they don’t have any impact. Another reason is that millenials are being called entitled even though they are just the victim of bad leaders.

I can relate to what simon sinek what was talking about because the reason that I became an entrepeneur is because of my current advisor in my bachelor’s degree. She is a biased professor and she always picks on me even though I’m not doing anything at her. Her false belief that she’s always right is the thing irritates me the most because that’s not true. She always tells us that she’s just preparing us for the real world where bosses are tough and sometimes are nice, but she wants to prepare us for the worst.

As she was telling this to us, I thought to myself “I will never be an employee because I can’t afford to have a boss like this monster of a professor that personally hates me.” Because of her hatred, I can see that she’s trying all her might just make my life miserable. I remember one time when a few of my classmates didn’t pass their project, ofcourse I was with them. But then at the end of the semester, I was the only one that got a failing grade even though some of my classmates didn’t pass their requirements. From that moment on I told myself that I will never EVER be an employee in my life.

What are your thoughts about the story and what book can you recommend for me? Comment down below! I would love to hear it.


Caviar Token Review

Recently I’ve invested on caviar tokens and I did the best decision of my life. The reason was is because I wanted to invest on real estate but I didn’t know how. Then I found this ad on instagram. Caviar was having their pre-sale discount at that time and I didn’t have the chance to participate until this week where they had their token sale discount.

But what is caviar token and who is behind it?


How Does Investing in Caviar Work?

The team behind Caviar wants to reduce the volatility of investments while increasing the rates of return to higher than average. They hope to achieve this goal by pairing short-term loans that generate income and are backed by United States real estate with crypto-assets that appreciate quickly. By moving the funds between the real estate and crypto markets, Caviar should be able to give investors dual market exposure for income and growth in just one token.

What Are the Benefits of Caviar?

One of the biggest benefits of Caviar is its diversification. Any financial advisor, whether in fiat or cryptocurrencies, will suggest diversification as a means of protecting your assets. Caviar takes care of this in a way that others have not by combining crypto-assets with real estate loans. The result is a portfolio with significantly less sensitivity to risk than one that only features crypto-assets. The design of Caviar allows them to shift most of the investments to real estate or crypto as needed if one experiences a bear market.

The token holders of Caviar get 75 percent of the profits each quarter, directly via smart contract. This means that the team doesn’t go home with all the money; investors make most of it. Because everything is done on the blockchain, all transactions and investments are visible, allowing for complete transparency.

While most funds require a large investment to become involved, Caviar does not. In fact, during the crowd sale, there is absolutely no minimum investment, so you can work with Caviar regardless of how much or little you have to invest. Caviar is also incredibly liquid and guaranteed to be so. The capital is set aside for quarterly buybacks, as well as burn tokens, allowing for this liquidity. In fact, 5 percent of profits will go to repurchasing tokens on various exchanges for extra liquidity.

Does Caviar Have a Strong Track Record?

Caviar should be able to deliver a strong success rate to investors thanks to the Intelligent Predictive Model for Crypto Asset and Crypt Currency, a proprietary price forecasting system that has been backed up by real data science.

The algorithm and other elements of the system behind Caviar have already proven their worth with a strong historical performance. There are five years with successfully managed real estate funds, along with numerous years of equally successful investments in assets, such as cryptocurrencies.

Why Should Investors Use Caviar?

In addition to the five-year track record, stable assets, diversification in one token, and guaranteed liquidity, investors should consider Caviar for its immediate profit sharing. Caviar starts payments for profit sharing and deploys funds in the first quarter after the token sale closes. It also has a very strong compliance and legal team, and it follows all regulations so investments through Caviar are never questioned.

Caviar Investors

How Is Caviar Secure?

To ensure the security of your investment, as well as the platform’s infrastructure, Caviar uses industry best practices. This includes multi-sig wallets, institutional-grade security, least privileged access, and cold storage.

Get to Know the Token and Sale

The presale for the tokens goes from Nov. 28 to Dec. 5, with the crowd sale lasting from Dec. 12 to Jan. 31. Issuance will occur within 30 days after the token generating event. The token is an ERC20, and the goal is to raise $25 million. Each token costs $0.10 with a maximum token supply of 375 million.

The minimum during the presale will be $500, and there is a 20 percent discount on investments of up to $9,999. This increases to a 25 percent discount with investments of up to $24,999 and 30 percent on those above $25,000. There are bonuses during the crowd sale, with 15 percent for days 1 to 3, 12.5 percent for days 4 to 6, 10 percent for 7 to 9, and 7.5 percent for 10 to 12.

ICO Details

Of the proceeds, 80 percent will go to the portfolio, 10 percent to administrative and legal, and 5 percent each to the reserve fund and technology development. 85 percent of the tokens will be distributed during the sales, with 12 percent going to advisors and the company and 3 percent going to bounties.

The setup of the token allows for the continuous growth of its value. Out of the profits, 20 percent are automatically reinvested into the fund. In the future, Caviar will be available on multiple exchanges; the team is currently in talks. During the sales, Caviar accepts LTC, ETH, BTC, and Waves for cryptocurrencies and EUR and USD for fiat currencies.

How Can I Get Involved Other Than Investing?

In addition to purchasing tokens, there are other ways to become involved in Caviar. The platform also includes a community of mentors, peers, service providers, and developers. As you participate in the community, you earn rewards. Additionally, real estate developers can take advantage of Caviar as a crowdfunding platform. They can use it to raise funds for projects, while token holders can use it to get extra profits.


For those in search of a cryptocurrency that allows for a simple diversification of investments, Caviar is the perfect choice. It is very rare to find a token that allows you to invest in both cryptocurrencies and real estate or even just one that involves real estate investment, allowing Caviar to target a previously untapped market. This should provide for additional stability for investors, while the five-year track record inspires confidence.

If you want to invest in caviar token you can click here to get started.